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Roxy ball room leeds - Boar Lane

Our first Roxy Ball Room venue located on Boar Lane in the heart of Leeds. The original gaming venue. It is also home to our roxy golf course and club house.

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roxy ball room leeds - merrion street

The second Roxy Ball Room in Leeds on the famous Merrion Street.


Roxy lanes leeds

Roxy Lanes is a boutique bowling alley, restaurant and craft ale / cocktail bar located in the centre of Leeds near Trinity Kitchen.


roxy ball room liverpool

Part of the Liverpool one complex on Hanover Street, this venue has been a mainstay of liverpool since day one

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roxy ball room manchester

Our biggest venture yet, located on deansgate in the heart of manchester, we bring our a-game with uv rooms and crazy tornament area's

roxy ball room nottingham

Located on Thurland Street, our Nottingham venue is in the middle of the hustle and is a regular spot for students and locals alike