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Duck Pin Bowling

Duck Pin Bowling requires extra precision, the alleys are shorter and the balls are lighter. Because the balls are significantly less heavy than regular bowling balls, this requires precision when throwing the ball. As the ball is able to travel faster down the short alley. Imagine traditional bowling but with a finer finesse. If you are looking for a more exciting, faster-paced game of bowling then Duck Pin is for you!

Good for:

Couples, friends, large groups, small groups, friends, mates, family, families, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues.

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Playing the Game

Duckpin bowling has rules similar to ten-pin bowling. In a 10-frame game, bowlers try to knock down pins in the fewest rolls per frame. Bowlers have three balls per frame, instead of two as in ten-pin bowling, to knock over a set of 10 pins. We recommended that up to 6 people book one hour and 6 to 12 people book 2 hours.
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