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Get ready for a night of classic fun at Roxy with shuffleboard. It’s all about precision and strategy in shuffleboard – slide your weighted pucks onto the long, smooth table, aiming to land them in the points areas without overshooting off the table. The first to hit fifteen points takes the win. But here’s the tip: tactics and strategy beat force. Blocking your opponent’s path can be more effective than just pushing hard. So aim carefully, and slide your way to the win!

how to play SHUFFLEBOARD

Shuffleboard is a fun yet easy to pick up game – the rules are simple but by following our guidelines you’ll be the master of the board and have a puckin’ great time playing! So slide your way to success with ballin’ Roxy gaming tips…

1. Assemble your Team!

  • You can play shuffleboard in singles or doubles. Choose what colour pucks you want to play with – either red or blue – and if you’re playing in singles then you play with all four discs, and if you’re playing in double you share and play in turns with two pucks each.

2. Get Sliding!

  • All players start at the same end of the table – whether you’re playing singles or doubles.
  • Make sure your scoring board (above the table) is set to 0-0 scoring.
  • Now take turns sliding your pucks to the opposite end, aiming to land them within the scoring areas – from 1-4.
  • Finding the right force to slide the pucks with will take a few turns to get used to! The trick is to slide it hard enough that you land within the scoring areas, but not so hard they fly off the board (no points for any pucks off the table!).

3. Scoring

  • The closer your puck lands to the far end without falling off the table, the more points you score.
  • Ballin’ players play with tactics – this includes knocking their opponent’s discs off the table or blocking the discs into lower scoring areas.
  • Once all players have played their pucks, add up the awarded points for that go and add the number to your scoring board.

4. Winning the Game

  • The winner is the first player or team to achieve 15 points! Shuffleboard is all about skill, strategy, and a gentle touch.


The basic rules involve players sliding weighted pucks down the table, aiming to land them in scoring zones while also trying to knock their opponent’s pucks off the board. Points are tallied based on where the pucks end up at the end of each round – the first player/team to reach 15 points wins the game.

The sand, or shuffleboard wax, is applied to the playing surface to reduce friction, allowing the pucks to glide smoothly. It adds an element of control and strategy to the game, as players adjust their shots based on the speed and direction of the pucks.

In traditional shuffleboard, players aim to land their pucks directly in scoring zones. Bank shot shuffleboard, however, involves using the sides of the table to ricochet pucks into scoring areas, adding an extra layer of skill and precision to the game. At Roxy we have both shuffleboard and bank shot shuffleboard to choose from, depending on the venue. Learn more about bank shot shuffleboard here.

Strategies include aiming to land pucks in strategic positions, knocking opponents’ pucks off the board, and using the sides of the table to your advantage. It’s also essential to maintain control over the speed and direction of your shots – the super smooth table surface can take some getting used to!

Absolutely! Shuffleboard is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. It’s easy to learn – making it a great option for families or group of mixed ages. Please note- we do not allow under 18s in our Roxy Ball Room venues that have shuffleboard. Roxy Lanes venues welcomes under 18s (accompanied by an adult) until 5pm or 7pm depending on the day and venue.

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