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Ten Pin Bowling

From £10 per person per game

Experience the ultimate bowling experience at Roxy. Featuring state-of-the-art lanes, it’s the perfect game to get competitive with friends. In each game, you’ll aim to knock down as many pins as possible over 10 frames. With two tries per frame, you’ll strategize to maximise your score. Whether you aim for strikes or spares, every pin you topple earns you points. So, roll the ball and leave no pin standing!

how to play ten pin bowling

Let the good times roll with a classic game of ten pin bowling. You’ll find ten pin bowling at every Roxy Lanes venue, and some Roxy Ball Room sites. The person with the highest score (out of 300) at the end of the game wins, so with these How To Play tips and tricks you’re sure to be a bowling superstar! 


  • Head to the Games Desk and you’ll be assigned your lane/s by one of our team. Don’t forget to grab a drink from the bar before you head over!
  • Get settled, then when it’s your turn select a bowling ball of appropriate weight and size. Our ball weight ranges from 6lb to 14lb so test them out before rolling your first go to find the best ball for you – you should be able to lift and swing it comfortably.



  • Players take turns rolling the ball down the lane towards the pins. Begin your roll by finding a comfortable position 4 steps away from the bowling line, then push your ball out in front of you towards the lane (but don’t let go yet!), then take two steps forward whilst swinging the ball behind you. Finally, on your fourth step forward release the ball, close to the ground, at your target with force and aim.
  • In ten pin bowling each player gets two rolls per frame, aiming to knock down as many pins as possible in those two rolls.



  • Scoring in ten pin bowling is based on the number of pins knocked down.
  • A strike is when all ten pins are knocked down on the first roll of a frame. It’s marked as an “X” on the score sheet and earns 10 points plus the total of the next two rolls.
  • A spare is when all ten pins are knocked down using both rolls of a frame. It’s marked as a “/” on the score sheet and earns 10 points plus the number of pins knocked down on the next roll.
  • If pins are left standing after two rolls in a frame, the player scores one point for each pin knocked down.



  • Each game consists of ten frames.
  • After each player completes their turn in a frame, the next player or team takes their turn.
  • Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout! Order drinks directly from the bar, through a team member to deliver to your lane, via the QR code on your table, or via the screen kiosks on the lanes (venue dependant).
  • In the tenth frame, players may have up to three rolls if they score a strike or a spare.



  • Scores are automatically tallied after each frame.
  • The total score is the sum of all points earned in all ten frames, including bonuses for strikes and spares – our bowling technology does all this for you and shows the scores on the screen above your lane.



  • The maximum score achievable in a single game of ten pin bowling is 300 points, achieved by scoring a strike in every frame – now there’s a challenge! Are you up for it?


A typical game of ten pin bowling lasts around 10 minutes per player per game, but this can vary depending on factors like skill level.

To score a strike in ten pin bowling, you need to knock down all ten pins with your first roll in a frame. It’s marked as an “X” on the score sheet and earns 10 points plus the total of the next two rolls.

To increase your chances of hitting a strike you need to consider the following;

  • Identifying your ‘strike pocket’ aka the ideal spot you should be hitting your ball amongst the pins. A slight off-centre approach (even if aiming for the middle seems to make more sense, trust us!) makes hitting a strike more likely.
  • Perfect your stance. Control your approach and aim and maintain consistency. Practice makes perfect!
  • Choose the right ball! The right size bowling ball should feel comfortable in your hand without causing strain, and your two middle fingers should comfortably slot into the holes without being too tight or loose.
  • Nail your approach. Start your approach with your dominant foot, and take controlled steps towards the bowling line, aiming and releasing in one smooth motion.
  • Find the right speed for your aim and strength – experiment with frames of different speed to find what works best for you.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Being a champion baller takes lots of practice, and Roxy is the best place to perfect your skills!

To throw a bowling ball with proper technique, begin by adopting the correct stance. Take a smooth approach toward the line, ensuring your steps are balanced and controlled. Finally, release the ball with a consistent motion directed towards the target pins. Sounds simple right? Now give it a go, baller!

At Roxy you can wear your own shoes on the lanes. If using your own shoes, please ensure they are a safe, flat-soled and non-marking shoe. Heels, open-toe, flip-flops or similar footwear are not permitted, bowling shoes can be found at the Games Desk.

Yes, ten pin bowling is suitable for children at Roxy Lanes. We offer the barriers, plus ramps and lighter balls to make it easier for children to play – please ask at the Games Desk for this equipment. Please note- we do not allow under 18s in our Roxy Ball Room venues that have ten pin bowling. Roxy Lanes venues welcomes under 18s until 5pm.

Yes, bumper rails or barriers can be used – we don’t judge! Barriers are a welcome modification for children or novice bowlers, to prevent gutter balls and enhance enjoyment of your game. Please ask for barriers on your frames when at the Games Desk when arriving for your game.

Ten pin bowling uses larger balls and pins, and players have two rolls per frame, while duck pin bowling uses smaller balls and pins on a shorter lane, and players get three rolls per frame. Additionally, the scoring system and lane dimensions differ between the two variations. Check out more information on duck pin bowling here.

Do not step over the bowling line at the start of the lane surface, our lanes are coated with a special oil varnish to protect them, the bowling surface is really slippery.

The balls can be heavy! Pick up the balls carefully and hold with both hands. Children should use the lightest ball we offer, please ask in venue.

Whilst you are waiting to bowl, please do not touch the balls that are on the rack as your fingers could become trapped when the ball returns.

Do not place your hand inside the ball return at any time. Wait until the ball has returned fully onto the rack, if a ball does not return fully please ask a member of our team to assist you.

Should you notice any slippery surface or spill a drink yourself, please call over one of our team members who will be happy to help.

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