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Hi, Well done on passing our Roxy interview process! 

What follows is a series of documents and introductory training workshops to give you some background to our Roxy way. Take some time to go through and complete the workshops and peek through the documents. You are not tested on these....yet! But when it comes to your formal training and induction process you will be going over these elements until we are certain that you are ready for Roxy!

company playbook (1).png

Here's your Roxy Leisure Company Playbook

This document is used throughout your time with us and will constantly be REFERRED to throughout your induction process and training... take some time to FAMILIARISE YOURSELF with it.


Pre starter induction workshop

we understand that you all may be scared shotless about now. getting ready to start your new job and meeting new people. read through our induction and get to know a little about us. there are no tests on this...yet


pre starter barback training

the engine of the bar is in it's barback team. without them the floor would open up and swallow the bar team alive - it is imperative that you know what's expected of this role


pre starter basic bar training

ultimately this is the job that you will be thinking about in your heads. here at roxy we have our own way of doing things. you are the personality. take a look through this, don't worry there are no questions or exams... yet


pre starter customer service workshop

this is our number one priority! we do this better than anyone else is our own fun and playful way. It's time to become one of us


pre starter cocktail specs

read these, remember these, re read these... learn these


pre starter quiet bar training

The way you work when we are quiet defines you as a team member - get a head start now