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American Pool

American Pool is typically known for their balls, spots and stripes making them instantly recognisable. American pool tables are a lot larger than English Pool tables by 2 feet totalling 9 foot in total. American pool is also recognisable from its pockets, the straight cut makes corners much easier to shoot into as opposed to English Pool. American Pool is often fairly easier to play because of the surface of which you shoot the ball on. It is a smoother material, making it easier for the ball to roll. American pool is perfect for couples or larger groups of up to fourteen people. Making it perfect for that catch up with friends!

Good for:

Couples, friends, large groups, small groups, friends, mates, family, families, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Available for Groups/Parties?


Playing the Game

To play place balls in triangle in the triangle guide provided, with white ball at the opposite side of the table on the break line. Once set up remove triangle guide. Ensure that pool cue is chalked and shoot white ball into balls to break. Whichever ball is putted into pockets is your colour. If wrong type of ball, either spots or stripes the opponent take two shots. Each ball should be putted until the black ball is left. The black ball should be put last, if this is putted before. The opponent wins and the game ends.
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