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bowling Disclaimer


Any damage or theft to the equipment or fixtures and fittings will be charged to the guest responsible for the booking.


Please note that we have CCTV in operation for the safety of our staff and customers


If using your own shoes, please ensure they are a safe, flat-soled and non-marking shoe. Heels, open-toe, flip-flops or similar footwear are not permitted, bowling shoes can be found at the games desk.

Do not step over the bowling line at the start of the lane surface, our lanes are coated with a special oil varnish to protect them, the bowling surface is really slippery.

Pick up the balls carefully and hold with both hands. Children should use the lightest ball we offer, please ask in venue.

Whilst you are waiting to bowl, please do not touch the balls that are on the rack as your fingers could become trapped when the ball returns.

Do not place your hand inside the ball return at any time. Wait until the ball has returned fully onto the rack, if a ball does not return fully please ask a member of our team to assist you.

Should you notice any slippery surface or spill a drink yourself, please call over one of our team members who will be happy to help.

Please don’t move bowling balls between ball returns at risk of dropping and hurting yourself

Under 18’s,  any supervising adult is responsible for all the points above for any minor in a Roxy venue

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