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Batting Cage

From £48 per hour

Step up to Roxy’s unique batting cages for an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer baseball or tennis, you’ll dive into a customisable game, adjusting settings and levels to your liking before taking a swing. Feel like a pro as you aim for the targets, refining your skills with each hit. After your turn, kick back with a drink in the spectator’s area and cheer on your friends! 


There’s no hard and fast gaming rules for enjoying our batting cages, but our following top tips will ensure you’re the best baller in your group! 

1. Pick your Game…

  • Our batting cages games include baseball, cricket, tennis or rounders (the games offer will be venue-dependent and vary from venue to venue). There’s a game to suit everyone’s batting abilities!
  • Here’s a top tip from us – if you’re an experienced baller opt for giving baseball a go. If you’re just getting started opt for tennis or rounders. If you’re comfortable with a bat, try cricket!


2. Where do I stand?

  • Make sure you stand in the STAND HERE sign on the floor. Simple as that!


3. Anticipating the bat…

  • Once you’re in a comfortable stance hold your chosen bat firmly in your hands whilst waiting for the ball to be served.
  • Watch the screen carefully for the countdown and know when the ball will be released.
  • Once the ball is served, hit it as hard as you can, aiming for the scoreboards placed around the batting screen.


No. We provide the exact bats you need to enjoy our cages so please don’t bring your own.

We don’t currently impose an age restriction for our batting cages, but we wouldn’t recommend they are the most child-friendly for younger children. Our other games such as ten pin bowling, duck pin bowling, shuffleboard and ice-free curling are more child friendly!

The majority of our batting cages have been specially custom-built, so the ball speeds are set to ensure the best play experience possible!

We do not impose a specific dress code for our batting cages, however we recommend wearing something that you can comfortably swing a bat and hit a ball with!

The games on offer in the batting cages are dependent on the venue, and the game/s ball speed and angle will change depending on which game is being played.

For your own safety, please follow all our House Rules when enjoying the batting cages:

  • Only one person allowed in the batting cage at any one time.
  • Do not remove any equipment from the batting cage.
  • Always stand within the highlighted box when batting.
  • No food or drinks allowed inside the batting cage.

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