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Get your party started with the ultimate drinking game, beer pong! Whether you’re playing by your own rules or following our Roxy House Rules, it’s guaranteed fun. Simply toss a ping pong ball across the table, aiming to land it in your opponent’s drink from the arranged triangle of red cups. Sink the ball, they drink it down—it’s that simple. The goal? Empty your opponents’ cups before they do the same to you. Play on a classic 2-way table, or make it more exciting and fast-paced with a 4-way table!

how to play BEER PONG


Arrange cups in a pyramid formation, 6 on each side. Fill each of the cups with beer, or your chosen beverage, to a similar height.


Beer Pong is usually played with two balls. Players on one side start with a ball each. They then throw the ball across the beer pong table, trying to land the ball in one of their opponent’s cups. When a ball lands in a cup, one player from the opposing side must drink that cup, and then remove it from the beer pong table. If both players on the same team sink a cup in the same round, they get the balls back and get to shoot again.


When a ball is sunk in the last cup on a side, the losing team has the opportunity to match (this is known as the rebuttal rule). Their team gets one or two balls depending on whether or not the winning team used both shots to sink the final cup or cups. If the losing team manages to clear all of the winning team’s cups while matching, three new cups of beer are added to each end of the table in a triangle and play continues. When a team has sunk all of their opponent’s cups and their opponent is not able to match during the rebuttal rule, that team is declared the winner. Any cups of beer left on the side of the winning team must be consumed by the losing team.



If the ball is spinning around the rim of a cup and not yet touching the liquid, players can attempt to blow the ball out of the cup before it touches the beer.


If a player is able to bounce their ball into a cup, then two cups must be consumed and removed from the table. Bouncing a ball in is harder to achieve than sinking a ball on the full because as soon as the ball touches anything, including a cup or the beer pong table, it’s fair game to be grabbed or swatted away. If a player touches the ball before it has come in contact with a cup or the beer pong table that player has fouled and must drink and remove a cup as a penalty.


Each team is able to change the formation of their opponent’s cups at any point, maximum twice throughout the game. For example, if a team has only four cups left on the table, they may ask for them to be regrouped into a diamond shape. If they have only two cups left on the table they may ask for them to be pushed together in a line. Each team only gets two re-racks so they should be used at strategic times throughout the game.


See our How To Play Beer Pong guidance on this page for detailed rules of Beer Pong. But basically, the rules include arranging cups into a triangle, throwing a ping pong ball into opponent’s cups, and the opponent drinking if a ball lands in their cup. The first team to clear the opponent’s cups is the winner!

Typically, 10 cups are used in a game of beer pong, arranged in a pyramid formation on each side of the table.

Absolutely! At Roxy we allow beer pong to be played with beer, cider, prosecco, soft drinks, hard seltzers, non-alcoholic beers and ciders. You cannot play beer pong with spirits and shots.

Yes, beer pong can be played with non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks or non-alcoholic beer or cider instead of beer.

Cups are usually placed about 6-8 inches apart from each other on the table.

Yes, variations and tips to make the game even more exciting include bounce shots and re-racks (rearranging cups) – check out our How To Play Beer Pong guidelines for some top tips on how to be the best beer pong player!

We do have some House Rules we ask all players to follow at Roxy:

  1. First come first served! Our beer pong tables are not bookable online so if you fancy a game, simply head over to the Games Desk to acquire your cups, balls, and fresh drinks to pour into the cups.
  2. Give people enough space to play their game. This includes being mindful of players on other tables.
  3. Leave other people’s balls alone! Please concentrate our winning your own game.
  4. Made a spillage? Please alert a member of staff straight away.

If a player knocks over a cup accidentally, it’s considered a forfeit for that cup… so get drinking, baller!

We don’t have a strict limit on beer pong capacities. We simply request that groups be mindful of other tables and do not overcrowd the beer pong areas. However in Cardiff we can accommodate up to 10 people per beer pong table.

We sell a wide range of beers, and other beer pong-suitable beverages, at Roxy but we would highly recommend using our Arc Shot Lager for beer pong. Arc Shot Lager is a Roxy-exclusive lager and created especially for beer pong – a light, easy-drinking lager that also features some top tips on how to play beer pong!

Winning is determined when one team successfully eliminates all of the opponent’s cups.

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