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Bocce, also called bocce ball or boccie, is a laid-back lawn game within the boule family. Players roll or toss their balls towards a target, aiming for precision and strategy. It’s all about getting your balls close to the target, jostling opponents’ balls aside, and racking up points in a relaxed, social setting.

how to play BOCCE

You might know how to throw a ball, but bocce demands a bit more skill! Our top tips will ensure you’re the best bocce baller in your group… 

1. Gather your Balls!

  • First thing’s first you need some balls. A bocce set contains eight balls – four red and four yellow.

2. Choose your Ballers!

  • Bocce can be played in singles, doubles, or even teams of four per team. Choose your team wisely and get throwing.

3. Flip a Coin to Start…

  • A traditional way of kicking off the game, flip a coin to determine which team kicks off the game by rolling the pallina (the small ball). Once determined, the pallina is rolled and must pass the centre line of the court and stay within the boundaries.

4. Play the Game – Perfect your Aim!

  • Take it in turns to throw or roll your balls as close to the pallina as possible.
  • All balls must be thrown under arm and must not go outside of the court’s boundaries.

5. Determining the Winner…

  • At the end of each frame, points need to be calculated and awarded, but only one team scores in a frame.
  • One point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallina than the closest ball of the opposing team.
  • Games are played to 16 points with the first team reaching 16 points being the winner of a game.


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