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Deck Shuffle

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Get ready for some deck shuffle fun! With a special pole in hand, players slide their discs across the floor-based court, aiming for those sweet, high-scoring zones at the far end. Just remember, to rack up points, your disc needs to stay entirely within the scoring zone lines—no touching the lines allowed, or it’s a no-go! And watch out for the penalty area—landing your disc there means a whopping minus 10 points!

how to play DECK SHUFFLE

Don’t be intimidated by the large, floor-based game! Deck shuffle is played very similarly to shuffleboard, just on a larger scale – The goal of deck shuffle is to slide your pucks down the court and land them in the scoring zones at the other end, simple right? Follow our how to play deck shuffle rules and you’ll be master of the floor in no time… 

1. Assemble your Team!

  • Deck shuffle is best played in teams of two – singles or doubles.
  • Decide who is kicking off the game first, from this point you slide the discs alternately from each side.


2. Slide within the Line

  • You must slide your disc from behind the line – take your shot from over the line and that shot is null and void!
  • Each team takes turns to slide their discs until all discs have been played.


3. Scoring Rules

  • You are aiming for the scoring zones within the triangle at the opposite end from where you are sliding from.
  • The WHOLE of the disc must be INSIDE the scoring zone lines to count! If it’s touching a line then it’s a 0 score.
  • Be wary of the back of the triangle – touch within that area, line and all, and it’s -10 points!
  • Add up your scores at the end of the round and input into the scoring tablet.
  • The next round starts from the end you have just slid your discs to.


You slide the discs using the special pole given to players at the Games Desk.

To slide the pucks in deck shuffle, stand at one end of the court and use a smooth, controlled motion to push the puck forward, aiming to land it in the scoring zone at the opposite end. While there’s no one-size-fits-all technique, many players find success using a gentle flick of the wrist combined with a slight bend in the knees for stability.

As for how long a typical game of deck shuffle lasts, it can vary depending on factors like the number of players, and skill level. Generally, though, games tend to last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, providing plenty of time for friendly competition and strategic shuffling. Our deck shuffle bookings are based on a per-hour basis, so fit in as many games as possible during your booking slot!

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