Quick Book

Deck Shuffle

Slide your disks from one end to the other aiming for the scoring zones at the opposite end from where you are sliding from

the WHOLE of the disk must be INSIDE the scoring zone lines to count – if it’s touching a line then it’s a no score

Be wary of the whole back of the triangle, lines and all, is a minus 10!

Good for:

Couples, friends, large groups, small groups, friends, mates, family, families, boyfriend, girlfriend.

Available for Groups/Parties?


Playing the Game

You can choose where behind the line you start your slide so you can make sure that you have a clear run into the scoring zone You can also try to knock your opponent’s disk out of a scoring zone so that even if they have done a great shot mid-round when it comes to counting up the totals you can fully ruin their game! If you want to play doubles you can! Just take it in turns on your team
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