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Ice Free Curling

From £32 per hour

Get ready to rock with ice-free curling, exclusive to Roxy! No need to wait for winter, just bring your competitive spirit and slide those stones towards the target. It’s all about precision and technique as you aim, with just the right amount of force, to the centre and rack up points. With no ice required, you can enjoy this year-round twist on curling anytime, anywhere.

how to play ICE-FREE CURLING

Aim of the game? Slide the curling stones and aim for the centre of the target. The player with the most stones in the most central position wins! But figuring out the correct amount of force to slide the stones with is key to being a pro. Up for the challenges? Course you are!

1. Teams… Assemble!

  • Determine team members and their order before starting the game.
  • All teams stand at the opposite end of the target.

2. Taking Turns

  • Like traditional curling, teams take turns throwing stones toward the target, aiming for the bullseye called the “button.”
  • Players can use a pushing motion to slide their stones across the surface. The goal is to get your stone as close to the centre of the target as possible while also strategically placing your stones to block your opponent’s shots.
  • At first the main challenge will be determining just how hard or gentle to push the stones to hit the target – too soft and they won’t slide far enough and too hard they will slide straight off the end!

3. Score Points and Play Ends:

  • After all stones have been thrown, determine which stone is closest to the centre (the ‘button’).
  • The team with the closest stone scores points for each stone closer to the centre than their opponent’s closest stone.
  • Play multiple rounds called “ends” and tally up points to determine the winner. 


4. Who’s the Champions?!

  • The game typically consists of ten rounds (ends).
  • The team with the most points after ten rounds wins!

5. Capture the Moment:

  • Don’t forget to finish the game with a group photo under the target camera… say FREEZE!


Ice-free curling eliminates the need for ice, making it accessible for play in our indoor venues! It also simplifies setup and maintenance, allowing for easier enjoyment of the game without the need for specialised equipment or facilities.

Yes, you can step on the lanes while playing ice-free curling. Don’t worry, you won’t go slipping, sliding and falling over since there is no ice! The playing surface is designed to accommodate movement and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all players. However, still be careful as the surface can be slippy – and never walk on the lanes with heeled shoes.

Yes, ice-free curling is suitable for children at Roxy Lanes. Please note- we do not allow under 18s in our Roxy Ball Room venues that have duck pin bowling. Roxy Lanes venues welcomes under 18s until 5-7pm depending on the day of the week and venue. Please check the age restriction details on each venue’s information page before visiting.

We typically recommend up to 10 people per ice-free curling lane, to ensure everyone has a chance to participate and enjoy the game fully. However some venues have ice-free curling ‘lodges’ that can accommodate up to 30 people. Please either book direct online or enquire about a 30+ booking here.

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