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From £8 per person per hour

Step into your private karaoke haven and let loose with your favourite jams! Whether it’s belting out rock anthems, crooning indie hits or shrieking your guilty pleasure, gather your pals, grab some drinks, and kick off the ultimate sing-along party. Choose songs from our vast collection and sing away following the lyrics on screen.


Welcome to your own personal karaoke party at Roxy! There’s no strict gaming rules, like there is with other games, to enjoying a karaoke room at Roxy – but we do have some top tips to help you have the absolute best experience.  

First, you need an audience so gather your pals! Our karaoke rooms are kitted out with tables, comfy bench seating, mics, TV screens, and a fantastic karaoke system for all your sing-a-long desires. Our karaoke rooms range in capacity from eight to thirty people depending on the venue, so we’ll get you booked into the best room for your party size with all your mates. 

Second, choose your setlist! You have the choice of hundreds of thousands of songs in our library so take turns queuing your favourite tunes and let loose as you sing, dance and create unforgettable memories. 

Make sure you stay hydrated! Singing and performing is thirsty work, so order drinks (and food) to your room via the QR code on the table or with a member of our team when they come and check in on your party. This way there’s no need to pause the party by leaving for the bar. 

Now you’re ready to unleash your inner superstar and have a blast in your very own karaoke party!



You can make a karaoke room booking directly through our website here. There you can select your preferred venue (please note: we do not have karaoke available in every venue), and make a booking for the available date and time.

The system we use in all our karaoke rooms is Singa which provides our songs for the karaoke. You can check and search all the songs available at

With hundreds of thousands of songs to choice from on our karaoke system, your choice is basically limitless! However, if you need some inspiration, our karaoke system providers, Singa, have loads of lists of suggestions suitable for any karaoke party or genre preference:

Yes, you can! You can enjoy both food and drinks in our karaoke rooms – being a rock and roll superstar is thirsty and hungry work! Our food and drinks menus can be found in your karaoke room to peruse and either order at the bar, via the QR code on your table or with an attending team member.

Yes, you can! There’s no need to pause or interrupt your singing time by heading out into the bar – simply place a drinks order via the QR code on your table or with an attending team member.

Our karaoke room capacity depends on the room, and ranges from eight to thirty people. Our karaoke rooms cannot exceed the set capacity for each room, and we must accept a minimum of 4 people per room during peak days (Thursday to Saturday).

All karaoke rooms come fitted with two microphones and stands so you can take it solo, pair up, or all crowd round the two mics like any great rock and roll band.

We do not have a specific age restriction for our karaoke rooms. However, all our Roxy Ball Room venues are strictly over-18s and operate on a Challenge 25 policy, so we would be unable to accommodate anyone under that age in the venue

Our Roxy Lanes venues do allow under-18s with a supervising adult until 7pm (5pm on Saturdays).

Roxy Lanes Union Street Bristol allow under-18s with a supervising adult until 5pm (all 7 days of the week).
Please carefully check and understand our age policies before making a karaoke booking and visiting.

Our karaoke rooms are fully private and soundproofed – with only a small window on the room door for safety reasons. So you can sing and dance to your heart’s content without worrying about being interrupted or disturbing other guests with your excellent singing skills (side-eye)!

Unlike most of our other gaming, there is no official ‘playing rules’ to karaoke, but the following guidelines ensure everyone has a rocking time during your visit:

Be nice to your fellow superstars. At Roxy we want everyone to have a good time, so that means not forcing anyone to sing. Some people prefer to sit back and enjoy whilst others take centre stage and there’s nothing wrong with that. And it means more time for you on the microphone!
But don’t hog the mic! Ended up singing four songs in a row? Take a break and let someone else take the stage. Remember no one likes a show off, so don’t hog other people’s moments too.

Be a careful rockstar. Our equipment is sensitive so please be careful whilst using it and report any breakages or spillages immediately to staff.
No smoking or vaping! It is strictly prohibited to vape, or smoke of any kind, in our karaoke rooms. All our karaoke rooms are fitted with sensitive smoke alarms and vape smoke will instantly trigger an alarm, causing the evacuation of the whole venue – cutting your karaoke party short.

Yes you can bring decorations to your booking, but we can’t allow certain decorations: balloons, anything that sticks to walls or is hung with an adhesive or candles for safety reasons. You can bring weighted/free-standing decorations like weighted balloons and no flame candles.

You can bring a birthday cake, however, we are unable to store it in our fridges due to hygiene/allergen reasons. Candles are also allowed as long as they have no flame candles.
We require you to keep all items and decorations on you at all times within the venue.

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