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Roxy Golf

From £8 per person per game

Roxy Golf is our own take on the classic crazy golf and mini golf. We take the game to the next level with our unique obstacles and decor. Grab a drink and take your shot for even more fun! Navigate through loops, tunnels, and creative challenges to sink your ball in the fewest strokes possible. It’s the ultimate way to have a blast at Roxy!

how to play ROXY GOLF

Roxy Golf is no different from the classic mini golf or crazy golf – we’ve just given it our own name! With these tips and tricks you’re sure to be the putt master of the course… 

  1. Starting at Hole 1, hit the ball with your club/putter and navigate through the hole’s obstacles until you have ‘putt’ the ball into the hole! Easy right? But remember, you have a maximum of 6 shot attempts to get the ball into the hole before you must move onto the next player’s turn. So work on that aim, baller, and shoot a good shot!


  1. Like crazy or mini golf, the scoring for Roxy Golf works in the same way! Make sure you keep track of your score by noting down the number of shots is takes to hit the ball into each hole – and remembering you have a maximum of 6 shots. The player with the lowest number of shots at the end of the game wins.


  1. And it’s as simple as that! No hard and fast rules – feel free to move around the course in a juggled order if you want to skip the wait for the next hole. Just remember to have fun and enjoy our take on the classic mini golf!

Roxy Golf FAQS

The rules of Roxy Golf are the same as any other mini or crazy golf – play with the lowest number of total shots at the end of the course is the winner – simple! So make sure you’re aiming for as many hole-in-ones as possible to keep that number as low as possible!

When booking we only book you onto the first hole to allow a tee off time of 2 minutes per person! The course itself takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete depending on the number of holes.

Yes! Just like crazy golf, Roxy Golf is a great game for all abilities – you do not need to be a golf pro to master the courses.

We recommend playing in groups of up to four, as then you aren’t waiting around too long for everyone to finish their turn before moving onto the next hole.

Drinks are welcome to be enjoyed whilst playing, however due to the course layout we cannot serve food whilst you are in the mini golf arena. We recommend working up a good appetite whilst playing and then enjoying our food menu at our bar tables after your game!

Our Roxy Golf courses are either 9, 12 or 18 holes depending on the venue.

Roxy Golf is priced per game per person so please return your cue to the Games Desk once your game is complete.

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