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From £8 per person per hour

Elevate the pub darts experience with our interactive tech darts! Whether you’re into classic 501 or seeking unique games, our tech-infused darts have you covered. Enjoy traditional gameplay without the hassle of keeping score, or dive into interactive challenges suited for every skill level. It’s the perfect blend of tradition and innovation for an ace gaming experience.

how to play TECH DARTS

With 6 different games to choose from, you’ll never get bored of our interactive tech darts. The boards tell you everything you need to know about each game as you play through them, but here’s the lowdown on each interactive game you can choose from – from ‘classic’ to ‘pro’ there’s something for all beginner to your group’s Luke Littler!  


Go from 501 down to 0 as fast as you can to beat your opponents. The first player to ‘checkout’ is the winner…but remember, you must finish on a double!


Not quite a pro yet? 201 is our spin on the classic 501. Perfect for newbies, this mini-game is easy, inclusive and fun…just don’t go bust as you get close to that precious zero.


A game of one upmanship. Each player begins with 3 lives, throw 3 darts each and make sure your total score exceeds the one set by the previous player. If you can’t beat it, you lose one life.


Strategic alliances, shock betrayals, and ruthless tactics – Killer brings all the drama. A more advanced game, Killer is a battle of tactical elimination…just be careful who you target and make sure you don’t miss! Last player standing is crowned victorious.


The ultimate test of accuracy and skill, mixed in with a fair bit of luck. Score the most total points through 9 devilish rounds each more challenging than the last and you will beat the competition. Be warned however, each time you don’t hit the mark, the axe will fell your points in half.


To achieve the highest score at the end of 7 rounds, you must hit the numbers presented by our interactive screen. Land a double or a triple in the correct zone and see your points multiply by 2 or 3. Feeling confident? Win the entire game in just one round by hitting a single, double, and triple in your assigned zone in one turn…if you pull this off it’s time to pop the champagne!


There’s no need for mental arithmetic whilst playing tech darts at Roxy. The dartboard is built with camera technology which provides a superior level of accuracy so it knows exactly where your dart has landed and adds all the scores up for you. 

We have markers in front of every board showing where you should stand – whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.

Absolutely! Our tech darts are suitable for the whole family and friends regardless of their ability. The interactive technology means the game is more accessible than traditional darts! Please note- we do not allow under 18s in our Roxy Ball Room venues that have tech darts. Roxy Lanes venues welcomes under 18s (accompanied by an adult) until 5pm or 7pm depending on the day and venue.

No. The dart board technology will only work with the special darts we provide you so you can’t bring your own darts.

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