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Bank Shot Shuffleboard

Bank shot shuffleboard’s rules and scoring works in the exact same way as a conventional shuffleboard works. Which involves sliding a puck into the opponents’ area of the board without falling off in order to score points. The person to score fourteen points first wins. Be careful not to slide the puck too hard otherwise it may fall off the end scoring zero.

Good for:

Couples, friends, large groups, small groups, friends, mates, family, families, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues.

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Playing the Game

Each opponent must start at the same side of the board and place pucks on the starting line. Player one must slide the puck against the wall to bounce the puck into the scoring area of the opposite side of the table. Player two then follows. Dependent on section 1,2, or 3 depends on how many points are scored. If the puck hangs over the edge of section 1 then 4 points are scored. The first player to reach 14 points wins.
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